General Description:

You and your friends are part of the special force tasked to hunt down a deranged doctor accused of illegal experiments. When investigating his abandoned mansion, flesh-rotting zombies quickly surround your squad! Can you and your friend complete the mission and escape the mansion before time runs out?

  • Choose from 3 military-grade weapons to take out the zombie horde!
  • Work together as a team to survive the mission
  • Uncover the dark history and the many secrets of Deadwood Mansion.
Room Requirement:
3-4 players
60 minute reservation time
* 15 minute introduction & virtual training
* 30 minute game experience
* 15 minute back-to-reality & recap memento
Available Language:
English, Cantonese
Mission Survival:
25% (moderate challenging)

Booking Schedule


Glasses cannot be worn in this experience. We recommend that you wear contacts as glasses can scratch and damage the headset lenses.

Players must be 13 years and over and above 1.2m (48″) to play.

We do not recommend this experience to those who are heavily pregnant or have a heart condition. You will need to be able to walk around unassisted for 30 minutes with full use of both hands.

Please arrive on time or earlier. Late groups will have a shortened game experience.